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Marina Del Rey Boat Cleaning Feedback

"I Now "Fly" to Catalina and Back."

"I noticed I was consuming much more fuel to maintain my normal speed. I also saw it was taking 27% more time for my normal weekend trips to Catalina Inland.

I suspected marine growth and knew I was overdue to boat bottom cleaning. I was astonished when I found a new (to me) hull cleaning service who showed me the evidence.

I saw photographic and video evidence of barnacles and marine plant life on the hull of my boat. The entire process can be lengthy and costly if you delay boat hull cleaning.

My boat speed and efficiency were returned to normal. I now "fly" to Catalina and back. Bottom cleaning is necessary." - Captain John Thomas, Age 55, Marina Del Rey, CA 


"I am Happy My Fuel Bills Declined by 37%"

"The hull of your boat is a magnet for things detrimental to the health of your vessel. Regular, scheduled boat hull cleaning is necessary for boat speed.

The local marina del rey dive service recommended my boat be cleaned every 3 weeks during the spring and summer. This yacht service has cleaned boat bottoms over 30 years.

I learned the age of my boat's anti-fouling paint was a factor in how often the boat's hull required cleaning. The water line hides a multitude of sins.

I am happy my fuel bills declined by 37% after my boat bottom cleaning. I also got the rest of my boat cleaned. But boat bottoms need frequent cleaning."
Winston T. Biddle, Age 47, Marina Del Rey, CA 


Boat Cleaners - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to get the hull of your boat cleaned?

Let me be blunt, you bought your boat to enjoy it.

You didn’t buy it to spend hours cleaning it every week. You also thought, “Holding my breath while I dive repeatedly under my boat to clean the hull” didn’t sound appealing, did it?

Therefore, the best way is simply to use a professional boat hull cleaning service with years of experience by Clicking Here Now ==> Boat Hull Cleaning if you haven't already. Make it easy on yourself. We'll call you.

Bottom cleaning is necessary- Do you know why?

The marine environment is an unforgiving one. The sea itself, plant and animal marine life will foul the bottom of your boat and its running gear such as trim tabs, props, shaft(s), transducer(s), knot meter, and intakes.

Is bottom cleaning necessary for boat speed?

Yes. Barnacles, algae, scum and other things will attach themselves to the boat bottom, propellers and metal running gear. This creates a “drag” on speed of the vessel as it moves through the water. This means you boat will be slower. Vessel acceleration takes longer.

Does bottom cleaning increase boat speed and efficiency?

Yes. The question above covered boat speed. By efficiency, you probably mean fuel efficiency. You will use more fuel to go the same distance with a fouled hull bottom.

It could mean using up to 47% additional fuel or more depending on the amount of fouling.

What is boat bottom cleaning?

Again, this assumes you have your boat docked or it is dockable in Marina Del Rey or elsewhere in Southern California and its length exceeds 15 feet. Certified divers will clean your boat with brushes and other tools while underwater. Sometimes divers will use a tool with two brushes that rotate to clean your hull.

This may make less frequent the time necessary for a physical haul out for periodic painting and service.

Prop repair, gel coat and fiberglass repair may be included as part of the boat bottom service necessary.

Change sacrificial zinc anodes to prevent galvanic corrosion or electrolysis. This is when underwater electrical currents will quickly corrode and weaken metal parts such as propellers, shafts, nuts and rudders.

This may include debris removal such as ropes, nets, crab pots, and other foreign debris entangled in running gear.

How can I find a good hull cleaning service?

The simple answer is to enter your contact info in the box above (If you haven't already, then Click Here Now ==> Bottom Clean). Someone from a top bottom cleaning service will contact you within 24 business hours or less.

Relax. We make it easy for you. Don’t waste your time driving around from service to service or on multiple telephone calls. We’ll call you!

If you have any questions, call us at 424-262-1613 during business hours.

What should I expect from a good boat hull cleaning service?

New customers should expect a free bottom cleaning inspection with a photo and/or video survey. Expect a full service boat cleaning service to include topside and as well as underwater cleaning, waxing and repairs.

The cleaning may be priced per foot of your boat or yacht. Expect the boat cleaning service be insured, licensed and dive certified. Expect the company business experience to exceed 5 years.

Services should include interior and exterior painting, teak maintenance with varnish and oil and complete boat detailing. All work should be guaranteed.

Do cleaned boat bottoms mean safer boats?

Yes. Obviously when you spring a leak, you may not be able to “pull to the side of the road” and wait for a tow to the garage (smile). Your vessel must be able to float!

Boat bottom cleaner services will repair or warn you about damage to your hull and running gear. Boat propeller repair and boat motor repair may be part of the service.

Why should my boat be cleaned every 3-4 weeks?

Summertime means higher temperatures so marine life grows faster. Therefore, boat bottom cleaning every 3 weeks is recommended. This assumes your boat bottom has antifouling paint in good condition.

Bottom Cleaning every 4 weeks in the winter is recommended.

Antifouling paint in poor condition will require more frequent bottom cleaning in the winter and summer.

How to clean boat- is there an easier way?

There is no easy way to keep your vessel clean. The only question is whether you will use your own hard-earned free time or simply write a check for expert professional underwater hull and topside cleaning and boat detailing.

What are your boat cleaning tips?

Wash your boat down with fresh water after every trip. Remove as much salt residue as possible. Why? The saltwater will eat away at the boat’s finish. This assumes you are boating in a saltwater environment.

Use a pH-balanced marine soap to scrub the boat. Scrub small areas then rinse. Scrub the hull above the water line, fittings and the deck. Use a deck brush with bristles of medium stiffness.

Wash from the top down, therefore start with the exterior portion of the boat or yacht above the deck including the windshield, vinyl seats, and deck boxes.

Use an absorbent cloth like a chamois to dry the boat.

Wash the windows with a commercial product. Failing that, use a combination of water and vinegar.

Hit the vinyl with a vinyl-cleaning product to protect the upholstery.

If you have, outboard motors clean them also.

Sound like a lot work? Is this more than you have time or inclination? As I said earlier, you bought your boat to ENJOY it. Right?

Now, there is nothing wrong with doing this work occasionally so you can make sure all is shipshape. However, it is so much easier to supervise the work of a licensed, insured and professional boat cleaning company.

Get someone to do it for you by Clicking Here Now ==> Boat Cleaning if you haven’t asked us to contact you already.

Boat waxing tips- what are they?

It is a good idea to wax your boat to protect it from marine elements. These elements include the sea and the sun’s rays.

A waxed hull is a faster hull because there is less drag. Waxing will help to decrease the amount of fuel consumed.

Use a high quality liquid cream wax.

Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.

Waxing is time consuming and hard work. If you work hard enough already, we’ll call you to take the work off your shoulders. If you haven’t already, Click Here Now Boat Wax so you can relax with your boat.