Boat Cleaning Southern California Style

Boat Cleaners, Marina Del Rey -- Don't Blow It!

Whatever you think you know about Boat Cleaning in Los Angeles is wrong!

I know, you thought you had your boat cleaning routine down pat.

Every time you returned from a trip, you washed your boat from the topside to the waterline. You polished the brass and chrome. You cleaned the boat upholstery and the boat carpet. You cleaned all the windows. You cleaned engines, checked the oil and the fuel.

You applied tung oil and teak oil to polish the furniture. The teak furniture looked good.

Heck, you even pulled out the boat wax and did boat waxing every month. After all, hard work never hurt anybody did it?

You went home bone tired but happy after your weekend cruises to Catalina, Malibu, Long Beach, Newport Beach, the Channel Islands, Oxnard, Santa Barbara and San Diego. You do love the view while sailing.

By now you are ready to relax some and not work so hard.
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Boat Bottom|Hull Cleaning

Sometimes you even remembered to make a desultory attempt to clean the unseen bottom of the boat. You just held your breath and dived under it with a couple of rotating brushes and you did your boat bottom, boat hull cleaning thing.

The metal running gear looked a little pitted and corroded the last time you noticed. But, that's all part of sailing the ocean, right? You're not worried about it.

The propeller blades did look slightly angled. However, it was probably just the ocean refracting the declining light near sunset. Nothing to worry about. After all, the topside of your boat was sparkling like new.

Compared to other boats yours looked great. That's what really counts, right?

Yeah, you're pretty proud of all the work you've done. Of course, your significant other did seem slightly out of sorts lately. However, it's probably just a phase.

Yacht Club- You're a Success

After all, you're a success. You live well, have money, and get him/her whatever they want. What do they have to complain about? Plus, you own a yacht! You do enjoy the camaraderie of the Yacht Club.

You know what, you're right. Everything is going exactly the way you want.

Flies in the Boat Cleaning Ointment

However, the last time you cruised to Newport Beach it seemed your boat was dragging. Acceleration and achieving top speed was more difficult.

Further, your significant other went out with friends instead of accompanying you. What was that all about? In the back of mind a little voice kept saying, "Maybe I'm spending too much time on my boat.
Maybe, I should start focusing more on my business or my retirement activities".

You thought, “I should probably make more time for my significant other. After all, it's ‘cheaper to keep him/her’, right”?

Besides, my yacht is acting a little strangely lately. A lot of little things aren't ship shape. My instruments are malfunctioning, the propeller shaft is making noises, and the boat carpet is getting a little moldy.

It also seems to be using more fuel than before. A lot more.

Boat Cleaning Services to the Rescue

You thought that perhaps a little professional boat cleaning service was in order. After all, nobody is perfect or can know everything about boats. Perhaps a boat cleaning services company would give you more personal time.

Yacht maintenance resulting in a written report with photographs and video started to sound like a good idea. Wouldn't hurt to get a professional opinion would it? It would also be good for boat insurance purposes.

A detailing, yacht services, advanced polishing and a boat cleaning update/review all started to look better in your eyes. So, you decided to swallow your mariner pride.

Yeah it's true you have years of seafaring experience. But, life is too short to be your own deckhand.

Boat Cleaners- How to Choose?

Besides, you knew a professional boat bottom cleaning was overdue. You were tired of the slow performance of your boat. You suspected cleaning the bottom was the key to restoring your top speed and rapid acceleration.

Now, which boat cleaning service do you chose? You really don't have time to check them out. Your boat slip neighbors suggested some services. However, by nature you like choice.

Therefore, you found this website. This website promised to save you time by having an insured, licensed and professional boat cleaning service CALL you.

The website also promised a FREE boat bottom cleaning. So, you clicked on this link:
Boat Cleaning|Cleaner|Clean|Los Angeles|Marina Del Rey.

Consequently, in exchange for your name, telephone number and email you get a free boat bottom cleaning. You thought, "That sounds like a good deal".

To make a long story short, they called, inspected your boat, made recommendations and you hired them. And, yes the first boat bottom cleaning was FREE.

You Fired the Deckhand!

So, you fired the deckhand (you). You have more time to share with your significant other. Strangely, they now want to sail with you. Probably because they didn't have to wait hours for you to clean your boat when you returned from a cruise.

It was also probably because they knew they wouldn't be drafted to help the clean the yacht.

Now, before a trip you call your boat cleaning service, they make your boat ready and then you show up and sail away. You're used to hiring people to work for you. You know how to manage and supervise. This was easy.

By the way, they showed you pictures of your fouled boat hull. They performed in-water boat propeller repair. They replaced the sacrificial zinc anodes to stop the galvanic corrosion on your metal running gear. Your yacht now speeds through the water.

The pictures showed you the barnacles responsible for your instrument problems. The boat cleaning company removed them and all your instruments now work.

Congrats, you almost finished your story. Want your reward?
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The Family Boat Cleaner Hero

You're kind of a hero to the family because weekend boating is now fun and not so much work. Your business is better because you spend more time on it. Or, your retirement activities are more enjoyable because you're not always working on your boat.

Well, all's well that ends well.

You were glad to admit you were wrong about boat cleaning in Marina Del Rey, CA.

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